Gerardo Gean

Creative Director | UX Strategy @NQ Mobile Worldwide

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About Me

Hello my name is Gerardo Gean. I'm a Creative and UX Designer. I like to solve problems, and I have a passion for little details.

I work with engineers in an agile process environment to deliver mobile prototypes and turn them into turn key commercial products. It is second nature to me.

• Mobile user experience (iOS and Android)
• GUI Media Design
• Usability Testing
• Product Discovery
• Product Branding

Real Artists Ship

After a decade of working for agencies and fortune 500 companies in the U.S, I’ve learned that the best way to ship a product is to have a good story.
And it takes a little bit of artistry to tell a story that will help people understand and fall in love with your products.

• Clear communication
• Ease of use
• Emotional response
• Business goals
• Technical constraints
• Good UX
• Use Chrome wisely
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Lean & Fast

Technology is moving fast. The long cycle times for developing mobile applications and services can spell doom for any promising agency or startup. The agility of your creative team is key in getting your prototypes and products out the door on schedule and under budget.


My Career Goals

My Personal goals
• Work with great product properties
• Stay creatively challenged
• Always continue to learn
• Surround myself with amazing people
• Be part of a great team


I Keep Things Simple

In my years of experience as a creative, I have learned that the most important rule is to keep things simple rather than complex. Simplicity is not only efficient, clean, and unencumbered, it can also be quite beautiful.


Multi-Brand Experience

I have over ten years of experience building brands, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, healthcare innovation, the beauty industry, and First-In-Class malware detection, virus detection, and privacy protection for millions of mobile and tablet devices running on HTML5, iOS, and Android platforms.


From Ideation to creation I like to keep things simple, especially when product teams struggle adding so many new features in order to compete.

It’s natural to feel that adding features will add value to the product. However, I feel that users are already overwhelmed with complexity, so I focus on the most important question: what problem are we solving?

Hands On

Im a very hands on person. I work hand by hand with the product stakeholders to identify, prototype and ship products to commercialization.

My current responsibilities at NQ Mobile™ are global re-branding across all business channels (.com, retail marketing collaterals, mobile clients and web services).


I have worked for two major agency networks in the US, IPG and Omnicom, as well as Fortune 500 companies like Samsung Mobile Electronics and Verizon Data Services. These opportunities allowed me to think strategically and visually to create Award Winning work in the process.
Also experience with Mobile Network Operators / White label opportunities serving as a supply chain to deliver premium value added services for the Telecom and ISP markets -

Work Experience

NQ Mobile

NQ Mobile


Samsung Mobile

The Marketing Arm

The Marketing Arm

TM Advertising

TM Advertising




Tigi Haircare

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo da Vinci

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